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meeting speaking loudly and carrying a big stick, literally. he came to the rally wielding a baseball bat and he got into a shouting match with the stockt police chief eric jones. he accuses jones of being a liar and said that crime in stockton is so bad, he is leaving his beloved home town and moving out. >> the while west. the boys in blue, they're outgunld. and they let you know right now in so many words that they can't do it. >> reporter: that rally comes as the stockton crime rate sky rocks. the murder rate on a record pace. i think the tenth most violent city nationally. stockton has no money. it declared bankruptcy and police say that has left them paralyzed. but braden accuses police of lying when they're telling citizens they're doing everything they can. he said his grandmother was robbed and he was assaulted and he claim officers have told him personally that they will not respond unless gun fire is involved. >> i love this community. this community raised me to be where i am today. and to be lied to, blatantly by
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the guy who is supposed to be running the shots around here. i can't do anything. i have nobody to go to. if the guy with the 21 and the badge can't step up and answer the bell, who is? >> braden's family moved to stockton to help him have better exposure to baseball and you might remember in 2010, he pitched a perfect game for the a's. he missed this season with a shoulder surgery. he regularly gives large numbers of a's tickets to charities and low income kids in to knowton. they have a 209 area, the area code for the central valley. i have to remind everybody that shortly after last night's meeting, stockton recorded its 50th homicide of the year. >> thank you very much. a developing story in marin county. a stretch of novato boulevard is still closed and an 11-year-old girl is reported in critical condition. she was struck by that white suv. you see it down below. at about 3:00 p.m. less than a half mile from san marin high school. a helicopter then landed in a nearby athletic field and rushed the girl to a local hospital. the driver did stop and is
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cooperating with detectives. police expect to reopen the roadway within the hour. he's a teacher and a coach. and now he is facing a new opponent. the law. the sixth grade teacher at albany middle school is facing charges of molesting a young student. jody hernandez joins us now from albany middle school. a parent meeting is still happening and police are asking for any more victims to come forward. is that correct? >> reporter: that's right, raj. about 100 parents have gathered inside the school library tonight to voice their concerns about the arrest of a popular sixth grade teacher, some say their children are so upset over what has happened, they've been sick. many say their children have been crying. parents are demanding to know if anything could have been done to prevent the situation. >> absolutely sick. >> reporter: that's how this mother of an albany student who didn't want to show her face on
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camera is feeling tonight on. news that albany middle school teacher has been arrested on charges of a lewd act with a child under 14. police arrested him yesterday after someone reported an alleged relationship between the teacher and a student to the high school principal. the superintendent says it is shocking. >> i know this. a performance has been above average. he is highly respected at the middle school and a very popular teacher. >> reporter: he not only taught sixth grade but coached basketball and volleyball and was involved in the school's leadership program. complained last year of inappropriate behavior. >> she saw the way he acted. he was way too flirty. it made her feel uncomfortable. he didn't like her a lot but with the other girls that did respond, he would text them at home. he would give them rides. he was way too friendly. >> reporter: but most parents say they're waiting to hear the outcome of the investigation.
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this woman's son is in his class and loves him. >> the kids really like him. the kids are very attached to mr. i, as he is called. >> reporter: now we tried to get in touch with him. we understand he is out of jail on bail. he posted $100,000 bail sometime between last night and this afternoon. the teacher is scheduled to be arraigned in court tomorrow afternoon. reporting live in albany, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. richmond police officers on administrative leave after he was arrested in alameda county for a domestic violence incident. the six-year veteran was arrested tuesday morning and later released after posting a $60,000 bail. so far, no charges have been filed. and further investigation is being done by the alameda county sheriffs. >> reporter: a 20-year employee
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has been arrested and put on leave herself after police allegedly found meth in her home. heidi feathers was arrested wednesday evening after investigators say they discovered two grams of meth and smoking paraphernalia inside her house. police had a warrant to search her home after conducting an employee misconduct investigation. the 46-year-old feathers is on paid leave. pending the outcome of her investigation. she is scheduled to appear in court on monday. accused serial killer joseph naso won a delay in his upcoming trial but the judge didn't postpone it as long as he expected. he is acting as his own attorney for the murder of four young northern california women over a 16-year span. he has pleaded nil. the trial was to begin in november but he asked the judge to move it to february or march, giving him more time to prepare. the independent journal reports the judge settled on january freenlt as the start date. prompting hill to complain that was too soon. some tense hours in west
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oakland this morning. three schools were go locked down and a parole violator was arrested. the 31-year-old man is also a suspect in the pistol whipping of a woman last week. after being spotted driving a car, the suspect crashed his own car into a pole and then fled. police chased him to a nearby -- through some nearby yards before eventually being caught crawling under a park van. after the two-hour search and arrest, the lockdowns on the schools were lifted. testing just in case. so far, no employees at yosemite national park have tested positive for the hantavirus. but the state public health department is offering to test them all any way. nine park visionors became infected over the summer and three have sub squenlly died. the source of the virus is the feces and urine of deer mice which infects humans. usually inhaled as dust. the health department wants the park's 3,000 workers to undergo blood tests so researchers can better understand the rare virus
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virus and determine whether anyone was exposed to it. but never developed the symptoms. envelop it was one of the worst fires in the history of the san jose fire department. santana row, ablaze. it happened just over ten years ago before the upscale shopping center was ready to open. embers caught crews by surprise, destroying several apartments nearby. for the department it became a teachable moments as policies were revamped and updated. and as a thank you, several businesses are donating to the trust fund for communicate outreach and education. >> the firefighters were, they were miracle workers when they came out here last ten years ago august. we had 11 trucks come out. they worked tirelessly from the beginning to the end. >> we're just grateful and very humbled by the fact that a lot of the businesses want to be able to donate money. >> reporter: investigators included the department of homeland security never found what caused that fire ten years
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ago. >> they do this every month. tomorrow night's event has a special meaningful thousands of bicyclists will ride on to the streets of san francisco. critical mass is celebrating a critical milestone. here's nbc bay area's joe roseato jr. >> it started amongst a group of friends. >> reporter: 20 years ago, chris carlson and a group of friends hatched a simple plan to unleash the power of the pedal. >> why don't we ride home together once a month. >> reporter: the friday night rides through san francisco filled the commute hour streets with plenty of cyclists and angry drivers. >> by the first 1st year, we had hit 1,000. it didn't take very long to get that big. within three or four years, we were in the multiple thousands. >> reporter: carlson says the rides have no leaders, no official goals. but this week is critical mass marks its 20th anniversary. he can see its legacy. >> well, critical mass has hemmed create a culture of bicycling that is really open and accepting and inviting.
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people now feel invited to try cycling in a way they did not 20 years ago at all. >> reporter: hundreds of cities around the world now have their own critical mass events, including this man's home town of sao paulo brazil. >> one of the most important things that hams is the free exchange between people. and in my city, that's very powerful. >> reporter: the rides have drawn their share of criticism, including one fracas where cyclists were accused of terrorizeding a family in a mini van. for the most part they say the encounters are peaceful. >> we like to talk to people in cars and say we'll be a few minutes. why don't you come join us. >> reporter: cycling in san francisco has exploded since the first critical mass. author and san francisco state professor jason henderson says the rides gave bicyclists political clout. >> it was sort of a rally point, or a sort of a tool for organizing and getting people to think about what could be
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possible. >> reporter: the cyclists will mark the anniversary with a ride friday night that is expected to draw thousands. driving home its message of a car-free world to those stuck behind the wheel. nbc bay area news. still ahead at 6:00, keeping riders safe if an earthquake strikes. we'll explain the new warning system for b.a.r.t. >> reporter: i'm scott budman at facebook with a story many of us probably wish was around when we were applying to college. app developers working on a way to make the college process smoother. that's coming up. and governor brown signs a bill protecting renters and their pets. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. the hot air continues to build across the bay area and the north bay really had some major warming numbers up about 10 degrees from yesterday. right now, 81 in santa rosa and 75 in napa. if you're already thinking about the san francisco giants game on friday, the fog is clearing out and low 60s. we'll have the full forecast coming up.
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the last remnants of occupy san francisco are gone. police cleared away more than two dozen campers last night on mark street in front of the federal reserve building. the officers told them they were illegally lodging on the sidewalk, according to state law. and anyone who did not leave would be arrested. 20 people were arrested. if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. the actress who says she was duped into being in that anti-muslim video that sparked violent protests in the middle east has refiled a lawsuit against youtube. cindy lee garcia appeared in the movie, innocence of muslims. she has since filed another lawsuit setting copy right infringement and is unspecified damages. she is also suing the hundreds who have reposted the video on
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youtube. last week the los angeles court denied a similar motion to have the 14-minute trailer removed from youtube. is it another solyndra or does this company have a sunny future? there is a new facility today. normally that's good news. in a follow-up to a story he brought us earlier this week, our business and tech reporter scott budman is here with both sides of this issue. >> the opening of a new solar facility is usually something to celebrate. this one comes with extra concerns. it is the latest facility for san jose based solar power. that's a company that makes panels very similar to what solyndra did. solo power also took lone guarantee money from the federal government like solyndra. there are differences. for instance, this facility that you're at is in portland. it is much smaller than solyndra's building. in fact they said their approach is much more modest and we'll deem you posted. it has been a big day for facebook. the company rolling out a new gifts feature. a way to find, buy and send presents to your facebook
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friends from your mobile phone. this comes from the company's purchase of a san francisco company called karma a few months ago. facebook also looking to give a big gift to young people on their way to college, hosting a hackathon to encourage developers to make new apps to help those looking for higher education. >> i think the optimal -- >> reporter: they're hacking education. >> we design what the pages will look like. >> reporter: trying to make the process of getting into college more social. >> there are other issues. >> reporter: developers from all over the country gathering at facebook headquarters to create ams aimed at making applying for college smoother. >> first, it meets kids where they are. we know that kids are tremendous users of social networking. so one of the goals of this is to make sure this we're going where kids are going. we're spending a lot of time and actually seeking out information about college. >> reporter: the bill and melinda gates foundation put up $2.5 million in prize money for the best apps.
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>> the genuine experience -- >> reporter: so groups like this one are ripping through caffeine and code -- >> keep it simple. >> reporter: trying to focus. >> we got the basics. >> reporter: on the best ideas. >> i think the power behind the social media in general is providing more social proof to people that it is possible. so i know one of the focus that's our group is currently trying to build an app(5a for i rebranding college as cool and possible. >> we think that the social layer is something people don't pay enough attention to. and that we are real life laboratory for efforts that can happen right now. >> so facebook turned its building into a laboratory. looking for a new way to get into college. >> people will remember this and they will remember this. >> reporter: while keeping things social. the gates foundation says it will accept apps suggestions through november 16th. it will give $30,000. 50 and $100,000 each to the winners. jessica? >> okay. sounds good. thank you. he made the announcement on
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twitter. today governor brown made california the third state in the country to protect social media privacy. governor brown signed bills today to prevent companies and universities from asking for your social media or personal e-mail passwords. the legislature proved both bills in late august at the end of the 2012 legislative session. >> the governor also signed a bill that would stop landlords from forcing renters to declaw or devocalize their pets. under the bill, landlords cannot reject tenant who's refuse to have surgery on their pets to prevent noise and property damage. landlords who violate the law will face fans up to $1,000 per pet. that does not stop lab lords from having a no pet policy. >> let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. will this be our last hot weekend of the year potentially? >> i don't know if i can go there right now. at least the way mother nature is going. we've had all kinds of extremes. today was another one of those. some of the largest increases in our temperature into the north bay. we went from 70s yesterday near
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santa rosa to near 90. 70 in san francisco. real enjoyable with 74 in oakland. 95 in livermore. and then plenty of mid 80s back in the south bay. that 95 in livermore, yes, it was very hot. no record setting temperature today. as we head into this upcoming weekend, we'll be close to 100 degrees. we may see a few records fall across the east bay. not the hottest september day. ñ degrees, set wa back in 1950. so just that is one indication of how hot we still can get even though we're right here into fall. right now the number are starting to drop across the bay. 68 in hayward. you head back to livermore. an awesome night if you're headed out for some dinner. the temperatures holding off in the upper 80s and plenty of 50s and 60s at the coastline. let's take you outside to the skycam. what we're is a lot of haze in the south bay. it will make a beautiful array of colors as the sun sets. if you suffer from allergy or
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respiratory problem, it will be a tough next couple of four days coming your way. in san francisco with the sun setting, a glorious shot right now. it is almost like a fog storm. what you'll note is it is getting cull pressed down so that is a sign of the warming coming our way. let's bring you back to the weather boards. we have the marine layer and fog is very extensive offshore. we cannot rule out as we saw a small slice of that. by all indications, what we're expecting is high pressure to move in. for friday, saturday and also into sunday. that's going to help jump temperatures. anywhere from 15 to 20 degrees. increase the fire danger for this weekend and also provide some pretty awesome weather. if you're thinking about heading to the beaches. we'll look at the numbers, topping near 70 degrees. mental of sunshine near 80 by the bay. and of course, the hottest weather will be in the interior valleys. by the noon hour on friday, we're looking at upper 80s. by the afternoon, mid 90s. on your three-day forecast we'll have upper 90s to near 100 for saturday and sunday. there's the beach weather.
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also for this upcoming weekend, talk some of hot weather. many of you may be wondering, when are we getting some rainfall? what are the indications? we're under an el nino with a. some of the early indications do show us that as we head throughout november, december, and also january, we are looking at potentially some colder storms. a more invigorated jet stream and possibly, well, a lot more rainfall coming our way than what we had last year. here's some good news as we head throughout the next couple of months. >> see you shortly. dozens of youngsters and possible future part spartans g look. students from junior high, middle school, spent the day for college day. and do you recognize him? our own damian trujillo ran the show as the emcee. students heard from the university president and other college administrators about the importance of higher education. the kids were excited about
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their future. >> you could go a really good job, get a lot of money. >> it's important to be here and prepare myself for college. when you get into college, you get more job opportunities and you get experience in school. >> they are on the right track. today's event, part of a nationwide push to encourage students to be college ready. still ahead, faster, cleaner, cheaper. a step toward the future for cal train. >> also, taking back their neighborhood. the san jose community taking to the streets tonight because of a growing problem. and then gearing up for the presidential debates. the political analyst will join us to break down what each candidate has to prove in next week's debate.
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a key battleground state, virginia. the gop nominee mitt romney trailing president obama by 3% to 7%.
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another pivotal state, iowa is drawing attention today. because it is the first of the so-called battleground states to begin early voting. strategists and researchers project that more than one in three voters will cast their ballots before election day. and iowa officials say that the requests are already up 30%. over 2008. >> and it gets really interesting now. the first debate between the two is next wednesday evening. >> for some insight into the stakes, let's bring in nbc bay area political analyst. and both the candidates have been downplaying how they'll do in these debates but how much is riding on these. >> gosh, about everything. with less than six weeks to go, upwards of 60 million people will be watching. and for the 7% undecided voters and maybe 10% who would consider their minds one way or the other. the debates in all likelihood will make the difference.
6:25 pm
the debates sure matter in 2008. going in, obama and republican challenger john mccain were neck in neck. post debates gave obama victories in each case. he soared from there. >> what do we do now? we hear all these polls. the obama cam says we like these polls because they're ahead. the romney campaign says you know what? they're insignificant. what do you think? >> they are and they aren't. a six-point spread among likely voters is not that impressive. it is within the margin of error. but obama's showing is most impressive in those swing states like ohio, florida and pennsylvania. the winner has got to win at least one, preferably at least two to make it. now he has double digit or near double digit leads in each of them. all of which places incredible pressure on mitt romney to change the course of the campaign. >> so what's the game plan for each one of the candidates at the debates? >> okay. the first debate is on domestic policy. fine. that should be romney's bread
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and butter. he has to find a way to return to his message on the economy. what is the message? mainly that whatever the mess obama inherited, he hasn't fixed it. conclusion. time for a change. now for obama. he has a little bit of a trickier minefield. he has to remind viewers the economy was much, much worse than anyone expected. and that slowly but surely, the country is beating back that most serious recession since world war ii. one other point. the first debate, usually gets the tone set for the other two. that makes next wednesday ground zero, a very important night. >> and of course, we will have that for you. thank you very much. still ahead at 6:00, cutting out the fat but not the taste. the new trend in diet foods as companies try to split the difference. >> plus, early warning system for b.a.r.t. and thousands of circuit breakers with a dangerous flaw. our investigator has the warnings, the test results and the solution. this is a lot of food for 4 bucks.
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yeah... think they made a mistake? i don't know - maybe. the fried cheese melt is back for just 4 bucks. 1 of 4 big 4-dollar meals on the 2-4-6-8 value menu. only at denny's. open all night.
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look at this video. san jose, a getaway car slammed into a house near clayton road. that's just half the story. in a very tangled police investigation. here's how it goes. drama started three miles away as a home burglary. the police chased the driver from the burglary scene. apparently the driver wasn't alone. additional officers who arrived at the home that was burglarized was surprised to find three accomplices still inside. >> they fled and started jumping fences. two of the suspects we believe ran down a nearby street and carjacked the vehicle from a young lady and fled. those two are still at large. >> and the story continues.
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police arrested the driver of the car and at the burglary scene they captured yet a second suspect. in the process of all this, two nearby schools were locked down and nearly half of san jose's on duty police force was involved in either arresting suspects or looking for them. a neighborhood free of prostitution. that's what parents of two elementary schools are demanding tonight. they're gathering right now at the biblio. more than 100,000 students are expected to show up. they say they've seen too many prostitutes nearby and they want the cops to do something about it. here's a closer look at the hooker problem. >> she tried to take money from my kids. >> reporter: maria said she was stunned when a prostitution propositioned her son near washington elementary school in san jose. today, as sanny pick up her 6-year-old daughter from school, she wondered if they would run into hookers on their way to the
6:31 pm
car? i see them in the morning and the afternoon when i come pick up my daughter. >> reporter: which is why both moms say they'll join more than 100 other parents at a walk tonight on south first street to raise awareness about the problem. they want cops to do more. but san jose police say budget cuts have forced them to make prostitution a lower priority. >> we used to have a metro unit that dedicated the entire team to conducting prostitution enforcement. that's no longer the case. our union is to go 100% gang suppression all the time to stop the youth violence. we're basically doing the best we can with what we have. >> reporter: police say one reason prostitutes come here is because of the high volume of low cost motels on south first street. in august, the city attorney slapped an injunction on one hotel, ordering it to make specific changes to deter prostitution. the parents say it is not enough. and they're tired of seeing condoms near campus. they've also seen lots of
6:32 pm
syringes and they're worried the increase in prostitution may lead to more drug crimes. police say it is a very real possibility. >> prostitution and narcotics offenses often overlap. >> which is why parents say now is the time to act to protect their kids. they say prostitution has no place near the playground. in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> they're design to prevent fires. not cause them. tonight our investigative umt has uncovered problems with circuit breakers in thousands of bay area homes. chief investigative report he tony cove lessky has the details. many of us are still at risk. >> reporter: it is supposed to make everyone safer. but this circuit breaker here has a long history of failing for decades. the consumer product safety commission has known about this problem but there has been no recall. >> it lit up cherry red. >> reporter: he is a master electrician. and. >> and it lit up that cross base
6:33 pm
like the gates of hell. it could have killed me. >> reporter: remembering a morning back in 1979, work a crawl space under a bay area house. >> i had to roll and approach on my hands and knees, through the small opening from the crawl space. it shut off. it was spitting flame. >> reporter: he blame a faulty circumstance breaker. a federal pacific stab lock breaker. >> i've seen so many fires. so many places burned by these panels. it is frightening to me every time i see it over and over again. >> reporter: circuit breakers are design to prevent fires. when working properly, they stop the flow of electricity following excessive demand or a short circuit. today, the federal pefk circuit breakers are in millions of homes nationwide including hundreds of thousands of bay area houses. they're most commonly found in homes built before 1990. the breaker is a safety device that is supposed to prevent fires. if it doesn't work as required,
6:34 pm
you get an increased rick of fire. >> reporter: jesse is an expert on federal pacific circuit breakers. he is an engineer. he spem more than 20 years researching the problem and he has testified in lawsuits against the now defunct company. >> there is no inconsistency and no dispute as to the fact they're defective. >> reporter: he said tests by the consumer product safety commission and a number of other credible labs all proved federal pacific breakers are not reliable. >> this is a federal pacific breaker. how does it fail? watch closely. we had a federal pacific circuit breaker tested at this lab in berkeley. w started -- >> reporter: it is a 60-amp break, the same as you would find in many homes. it should trip in less than two minutes. >> we're at 1:10 and there's smoke coming out of the breaker. there is definite smoke coming out. >> reporter: the lab cut away
6:35 pm
some of the plastic siding so you can have a closer look, an aesthetic change that experts say will not atter functionality of the breaker until we're almost four minutes in. it is smoking and it hasn't tripped. why not? >> because the mechanical mechanism that is supposed to be tripping the breaker is stuck. >> reporter: it raises many questions. how can a defective circumstance breaker pass federal inspections? how did it comply with federal electric code and receive this ul stamp of approval. and how did a known defective product get into million of homes? >> fp was cheating on the testing. and applying the label to product that was defective and did not meet the requirements. >> reporter: an accusation of cheating that is supported by this document obtained by nbc bay area. it is a 1982 s.e.c. filing from the company that purchased federal pacific. look closely.
6:36 pm
it reads, u.l. listings on circuit breakers made by federal pacific have previously been obtained through the use of deceptive or improper use tactics. according to them, they tricked the inspegtor by using a hidden remote control to force the breaker to trip. if it was not tripping properly. >> they represent an abnormal hazard. they should be replaced. >> reporter: take a look at this internal document we obtained from bay area rapid transit. it shows b.a.r.t. also had electrical equipment problems with feder pacific. it reads, there have been two instances of failures with the old federal pacific electric secondary distribution panels. and it goes on to say, failure of this old equipment has caused delays to b.a.r.t. train service, and created a potentially unsafe conditions. b.a.r.t. replaced the federal pacific equipment. >> so we take all the breakers out of it.
6:37 pm
run the wires out of here. new breakers. that's the story. >> reporter: and the home owner daniel schmidt decided to remove federal pacific from his home, removing the risk from his east bay home. >> i know it will be safer. it is a panel that has quite a reputation. >> so this breaker is so hot that it is smoking. it will not trip. >> you cannot run the risk of having breakers that might malfunction. >> the consumer product safety commission tested the federal pacific breaker back in the '80s and legal challenges followed. the cpse never force ad recall and neversome believe they did not have the budget for that legal fight. now we spoke with a bay area attorney representing the defunct federal pacific company. she declined our request to comment on this investigation. now, this is an important point. jesse believes failures with federal pacific circuit breakers are responsible for 2,000 fires
6:38 pm
nationwide each year. so your question. how do you know if you have one of these breakers in your house? well, we've also put together a video demonstration with an expert who will take you through how to check to see if your breaker was made by federal pacific. you can find that demonstration on our website. at >> very useful information. thank you. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, we urge you to give us a call. 888-996-tips. still ahead, forget nonfat. how about mid calorie? believe it or not, a new trend in food. and a new trend when it comes to that weather forecast. it warmed up a little for today. we'll go much hotter as we head through the three-day forecast. 80s by the bayful low to mid 90s inland. if you're going to be watching or heading to san diego for the giants game, the temperatures are very comfortable. in the low 70s and mostly clear.
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the next time there's an earthquake in san francisco or the east bay, the first people to know about it might be the ride orders b.a.r.t. that's because the trains are newly wired to break automatically seconds before the shaking of an earthquake is felt. scientists at u.c. berkeley hooked b.a.r.t. into the california seismic network, essentiallyw linking the transi system to 200 seismic stations throughout california. electronic systems which travel faster than the actual earthquake will activate about ten seconds before the shaking is felt. that should stop or at least slow down the trains, avoiding
6:42 pm
derailment. >> electronics playing a big role in what is being called a reboot of cal train. state transportation commission awarded the aging train system nearly $40 million to help transform it from diesel to electrical power. this is just the first step in a process which won't be finish until 2019 but it will integrate it into the rail system which will break ground next year in the central valley. it is thursday. i think we're allowed to officially talk about the weekend. it will look so great. here it is in san francisco. that really says it all. we have some fog and some cooler air and then plenty of sunshine. we'll have the details.
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n-a new trend in snacking. mid calorie snacks. they're supposed to taste good, not like cardboard. company like dreyers, hershey's and lays have a little more fat than previous diet versions but still less than the original. the taste without -- you can taste all the taste they say without feeling guilty. you still have to snack in moderation if you want to keep the calories down. >> so it is mid calories.
6:45 pm
not high calories, not localeries. >> like a mid-size car. >> some of those low calorie things if i may say so, they're a little extra crunchy if you go with the baked version. i like that. let's look at the temperature. down into palm springs. they have 94 degrees right now. we had hotter weather than parts of the desert here across the bay area today. that's definitely some water cooler talk. we have the fog across the coastline. the number dropping into the 50s and some 80s in the east bay. but at the coastline, we'll see a starkly different picture about two days from now. we are on the cusp of some much warmer weather. we head into september. a lot of sunshine. some warmer weather. last year we had 20 days for the entire month. by this week we're at mid 70s. a little more of a conservative
6:46 pm
number. we could see a few low 80s around san francisco. definitely some beach weather in the mix as we head throughout the next three to four days. with our hot air coming in, let's look at the skycam. it is already happening right now. it is providing some beautiful sunsets as you can see across the santa clara valley. all of that is a by-product of the higher levels of ozone that we're currently dealing with. maybe even a spare the air day in the forecast. let's bring you into san francisco. the clouds rolling on by. and the fog is compressed. we will have that fog at the coastline to deal with that. let's bring you back to the weather boards and what we have happening. this huge system into the gulf of alaska. this would produce rainfall typically but high pressure is really thwarting any kind of cold fall air coming our way. here it is creeping from the south. that will keep some hot air across northern california. some slightly offshore winds. that should be good enough to push out that marine layer.
6:47 pm
even giving as you few 70s at the coastline. then for the bay side communities, we're looking at some 80s and 90s, livermore, pleasanton and possibly near some records by this weekend which may mean an isolated triple digit temperature here and there. as for tonight, here you go. low 50s in santa rosa. napa, 53. 56 in livermore and also, double fives. for friday, tgif. the number going up a little bit but not the warmest. we'll have 89 in san jose. 87 in sunnyvale. and slightly more humid air for the south bay. drier and hotter in the east bay. 93 in done lip, 94 in pleasanton. 95 in livermore. for san francisco, it looks like we'll get in on some low 70s for friday. close to 80 in the berkeley hill and 90 in santa rosa. the three-day forecast has temperatures close to 100 saturday and sunday. and look at this. low to mid 70s at the coastline. it will continue into monday which could be the hottest day
6:48 pm
on the seven-day forecast. and then here we go again. it definitely fall when this happens. thursday, we've pushed everything back from yesterday if you're watching. it looks like we'll have some showers on thursday and maybe the possibility of some first fall rain by next friday. so we'll have to wait and see. seven days out. it is the best indication we've had yet. >> a lot of people are waiting apparently in downtown san jose. no pucks, no business, and for a lot of people no good. tonight was supposed to be a busy night downtown. here's a live look at the shark tank where the first preseason game of the nhl was supposed to start in about 15 minutes. instead, nothing. not much going on inside that building. today the national hockey league canceled the entire preseason. that means restaurants and bars catering to more than 15,000 sharks fans are losing business. and it is not going to get better any time soon. the league and its players are unable to come to any labor agreement. so the players are long out.
6:49 pm
among those affected, not just the local businesses but even the ushers and parking lot attendants who are out of a job until hockey returns. >> we're going to lose a lot of money here. it brings a lot of fans downtown. and we get crowded, big crowds. and then the lines out the door. we will lose a lot of money. >> if you had tickets to these preseason games, you get credited or refunneleded. now that the game have been wiped out. the start of the regular season is in jeopardy. the sharks are scheduled to begin the regular season on october 12th. let's check in with scott reese who joins us live from the cull cast sportsnet newsroom. >> hey, guys. the last thing a playoff team needs is a major distraction. the jimts making sure they don't have one as they get set for postseason play. it is now official as first reported yesterday by our giants insider, andy baggarly. melky cabrera will not be a part of the playoff roster even if the team advances to the
6:50 pm
national league championship series. bruce bochy making that clear prior to thursday's game. >> melky understands. and i think it is the best interests of this club if you look how we played. all we've been through. these guys have really done a great job. and they're the reason we're in this situation. so they've earned this. so we're going to go with the 25 guys we have here. >> that's the decision they made. i think for us personally, we've got to go out there and do the same thing. you know, we lost people all year long. and we stepped up and we have to keep doing it. >> d'backs and giants play baseball as san francisco look for a series win and hunter pence, helping the cause. home run number 22 and rbi number 98. two-run shot. 2-0 jimts. marco scutaro does the deed as well. both mid season acquisitions. scutaro has 41 rbis as the
6:51 pm
giants. and the always popular rookie hazing. i don't know who picked out the outfits. the giants win 7-3. they finish their home stand at 8-2. the a's, rangers, and i'm told even the hotdogs are bigger in texas. bottom one. 2-0 home team. mike napoli up, up, out. off travis blackley. a two-run shot. 5-0 texas. the rangers scoring early and often. the a's chipping away in the eighth. josh reddick broke that slump last night and all of a sudden he's on fire. a solo home run his second of the game. it is 9-7. then the former giant joe nathan comes on to shut the door getting jonny gomes and the raempgers win 9-7. never have game officials been such popular cats. a nation rejoices as the real zebras return to action. the browns and ravens basking in the glow of legitimacy as we speak. earlier commissioner roger goodell addressed the return of
6:52 pm
the refs. >> there was a real pressure i think for everyone to get the officials back on the field this weekend. i think the officials wanted to get back on. and i believe we would have reached agreement this week regardless of monday night or sunday night. the past weekend. everybody was to the point of getting this concluded. >> you're no doubt aware of the korean import that is enveloping our great nation. the pop hit topping the charts and spawning a dance craze that we haven't seen since the macarena. now the girls are hopping on the bandwagon. ♪ ♪
6:53 pm
>> everybody is getting involved. i'm hoping that between now and 11:00, you can all coordinate and maybe choreograph your own version. >> he's been doing it all week. he does it in the newsroom between newscasts all week long. >> text me later. don't believe it. >> you too. you too. >> thanks a lot. for a full half-hour of sports coverage, you can watch on comcast sportsnet bay area.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
a spirited debate in the art world over a papering up vail in europe. the owners claim it is an earlier version of the mona lisa painted by leonardo da vinci. it is the famous style only a few years younger. they said 35 years of research and tests show it predates the known mona lisa by more than a decade. but some have doubts. >> i've seen the what they've produced and reviewed the evidence and my short reaction to it is come off it. >> we drew various horizontal lines right across the two images. you can see points of her hand were in exactly the same place in one as they were in the other. the vertical distances between
6:57 pm
her chin and her lips or the parting in her hair to the top of her head were in exactly the same place in both. >> yes, about you the oxford professor says no way. the painting has been in private hands since it was found in an english mansion in 1913. okay. brace yourself. coming up at 11:00, stand-up comedian, sitcom star and now presidential candidate. roseanne barr brings her campaign to the bay area. fi they have some we have more local news. that will do it for us. >> see you at 11:00. have you heard of the new dialing procedure
6:58 pm
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